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Inpensa Software

The Situation

Inpensa is a venture-backed SaaS platform focused on digitizing the Business Case Management process, saving organizations substantial time and money. The Inpensa system simplifies and streamlines the decision process on project investments by making it much easier for organizations to choose those yielding the highest value.

They approached us to refresh their brand and online presence. Seeking new users and additional investment, they hoped to put their best foot forward and challenged us to develop a digital presence for the company that would stand out and feel as cutting-edge as the technology they develop.

Our Solution

Our team worked remotely with their CEO, leading weekly check-in calls to conceptualize ideas for their logo and website. Our branding goal was to ensure their brand’s aesthetic reflected the advanced technological nature of Inpensa’s software while implementing sleek design elements. We needed to appeal to Inpensa’s Fortune 500 audience, so we selected neutral tones while including a pop of color.

Inpensa needed to clearly explain how their software would benefit large organizations. By its nature, Business Case Management can be complex, time-consuming and unwieldy. The layout and user experience of the site would succeed only if it simplified complex material in a way that was both understood by and accessible to all audiences, especially users from organic search. We then created a thorough lead generation optimization plan for Inpensa, designed to attract their target audience and entice them with a free 30-day trial of the platform.

By reworking content provided by the client, injecting easy-to-use features in key areas, and generally increasing the quality of the visuals and user experience, we launched a site that succeeded at informing potential customers without overwhelming them, making complex ideas and systems easy to understand, and setting Inpensa apart as a leader in their field.