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Philadelphia 76ers

Creating pictures of the team in uniforms that didn’t exist

The Sixers were ready to promote a new set of City Edition uniforms inspired by Philadelphia’s greatest fictitious sports hero: Rocky Balboa. The concept was very Philly: photograph all the players wearing the new uniform on a boxing-themed set. That’s when Murphy’s Law kicked in—scheduling conflicts meant only a fraction of the players were available for the shoot. The Sixers marketing team was left with a week to get photos of every player wearing the City Edition jerseys.

That’s when BXP jumped into the ring. Our team got to work creating images of every player wearing the new uniform, in a customized, branded environment. Retouching the few new uniform shots onto existing promotional shots of players then compositing them into the environment, we painstakingly recreated every fold and every shadow all while aligning the 76ers’ comprehensive brand standards. It was a heavy lift, but our team delivered ahead of the buzzer.