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5 Reasons Your Website Needs Fresh, Quality Content

You may have heard that “Content is King.” What does that mean to you? Well, the quality of your content is one of the factors that can make or break a website’s search engine rankings and, ultimately, conversions. Content creation is extremely important, whether you need copywriting, blogging, authoritative articles or other types of content.

Your website needs great, fresh, SEO-friendly content.

1. Fresh Content Breathes “Life” Into Your Website

Search engines are always on the hunt for something new. Old, stale content with no updates could be considered “dead” by the search engines – static entities with nothing new to attract visitors.

Search engines love websites with high quality content and frequent updates. It’s worth the effort and breathes “life” into your website.

2. Fresh Content Gives You More Opportunities to Raise Your Ranking

Fresh content doesn’t automatically translate into higher rankings. If the content is poor quality, more frequent indexing by the search engines won’t help you and could penalize you. However, frequent updates with great articles, blogs and new web pages will give your site more frequent visits by the search engines – and more opportunities for higher rankings.

Web crawlers (bots, robots or Googlebots) scan the internet for websites and then index the sites according to the algorithms. Google never discloses everything the algorithms look for or how much weight is given to each factor. This is why experience really comes into play when optimizing a website and adding content.

3. Fresh Content = More Keywords

New content gives you the opportunity to use higher ranked keywords. Regular blogs, for example, allow you to use keywords that will target different demographics, expanding your customer base.

This doesn’t mean to stuff a lot of keywords into a “junk” article. Google is all about quality, not quantity. Often, if you provide valuable content to your readers, the keywords will fit in naturally.

4. Become an Authority in Your Field

Informative articles focused on different aspects of your business will establish you as an authority in your field. The search engines begin to recognize the website as a valuable source of information, great for your ranking. Become a recognized authority in your field and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

5. Quality Content is Shared

Shared content helps drive the internet, whether it’s a great video, fabulous song or really helpful article. Great content will be shared and seen by countless people.