White Label Creative Concepting Services for Agencies and Business

Creative Concepting – Developing Your “Big Idea”

Developing and executing a creative concept is crucial for a successful campaign. Your vision becomes a “Big Idea” that will make people stand up and take notice. A classic example would be the “Got Milk?” ads of the 1990s. The ads embody all the elements of a successful creative concept: they’re memorable, unified, unique and relevant.

Developing a Creative Concept

How do you develop a creative concept? It usually involves a lot of brainstorming. We’d need an understanding of:

  • Your situation
  • The desired audience
  • The mediums to be used
  • The campaign’s goals
  • The benefits of your product or service


Keep in mind that a creative concept is a rough draft of a campaign, not a finished product.

Why Do You Need a Creative Concept?

Nothing changes faster than the internet. What worked last year may produce far fewer conversions this year. Testing various creative concepts can help determine strategy. A well-executed creative concept also works with your brand, encouraging consistency of your message.

Developing a unique creative concept helps you:

  • Test to discover the most appealing benefits
  • Discover which media channels are most effective
  • Find the idea that unifies the campaign and resonates with customers
  • Spend your advertising budget most effectively


Our creative director will take your vision and turn it into reality. If your campaigns are becoming stale, we can lift them out of a creative rut. Contact us to develop a creative concept that will inspire the profitable campaigns you’re waiting for.