White Label Digital Design Services for Agencies with BXP Creative

Digital Design Grows Your Business

Can a small business compete? Yes! The internet levels the playing field in many ways. You can rule in your niche, whether you’re recruiting new customers in your own zip code or selling worldwide.

Talented designers follow the latest digital marketing trends and use them as inspiration. The good news is that many of the best designers feel stifled in a rigid corporate structure, preferring to devote their creativity to entrepreneurs where their work can really make a difference.

Digital Ad Trends

  • Ads that are positive and encouraging never go out of style. This doesn’t mean going for a “puppies and butterflies” approach that’s essentially meaningless. Make sure your words are sincere and ring with truth. And in most cases, skip the handwriting fonts.
  • Bold typography works on either mobile or laptop. Text that interconnects with the image can be surprising and attention-grabbing.
  • A two color palette can be incredibly effective for an image. It’s both bold and subtle, reminding the viewer of an image in an art gallery.
  • Pantone has named Ultra Violet as the Color of the Year. However, favorite colors go out of fashion as quickly as they came in, so develop your own brand’s palette.
  • A great ad can be very simple. The Heinz “no ketchup” ads say “Pass the Heinz” with a picture of fries, a burger or steak.

Animated Banner Ads

Animated banner ads are as popular as ever. People like them and they work. The best banner ads don’t use annoying flashing lights or similar devices, but resonate with the viewer on a deeper level. Humor is always appreciated.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

The CTA should be prominent and actionable. On the “no ketchup” Heinz ads, the picture and text combined to form a unified CTA. If you want clicks, so don’t forget the CTA.

Whether you need an ad campaign or some other type of digital work, you need a strategy and a defined measurement of success. Be clear about your audience. Be sure the work conforms to required technical specs. Keep copy concise and clear.

We’re experts with all forms of digital marketers and want to help you grow your business. Contact us and we’ll get to work.