White Label Email Marketing Services for Agencies with BXP Creative

Email Marketing Makes Money

Every time you open your inbox, you’re aware that using email as a sales tool is alive and well. Forget the spam everyone hates and deletes. We’re talking about carefully crafting emails that offer information and generate business.

Do You Sell to Individual Customers?

  • About 30% of subscribers to email lists make a purchase.
  • Welcome emails are VERY important. They typically generate about three times more revenue than other promotional emails.
  • People who purchase from an email spend about a third more than those who didn’t receive emails.
  • Those important social shares are three times more likely to occur because of an email than from leads generated from other channels.
  • You’ve undoubtedly heard a hundred time how much easier and cheaper it is to retain a customer than to find a new one. Retail professionals have reported that email marketing is the leading driver of customer retention. Social media was second, but only half as effective.

Permission-based sale messages are the first choice of 77% of customers, preferred over phone, texts, direct mail or social media.

Do You Sell to Other Businesses?

  • People in business read emails that could contain valuable information. In fact, email as a source of business information is only topped by recommendations from colleagues or from industry leaders.
  • Email is the preferred method of communication for 85% of professionals.
  • B2B emails have a 47% higher click-through rate than emails to individual customers.
  • A number of studies named Tuesday is the best day to send emails.

Ready to increase your profits? We do it all, from copywriting to design in Constant Contact, MailChimp or even raw HTML. We’ll create email marketing campaigns that drive customers further down the sales funnel. Let us put more profits in your pocket.