Unique & Creative Logo Design

Logo Design is More Important Than You Think

Remember when you were getting your business off the ground? Your logo probably wasn’t #1 on your priority list. However that logo was chosen, it may no longer suit your business.

If you’re just opening a new business, keep in mind that your logo is the face of your business. It will be everywhere: flyers, ads, stationery, signs, clothing and, of course, your website. It’s far less expensive to get a great logo in the beginning than to be forced to make a ton of changes later.

Great Logos Live Forever

Great logos don’t have to cost a lot. What is required is a lot of thought about where your business is today and where you plan to be in the future.

How long can a logo be viable for your business? Take a look at Coca-Cola’s logo. While the logo has undergone a number of minor changes since 1886, it’s essentially the same and familiar to most people throughout the world.

Great logos tend to be deceptively simple. They’re unique but, in most cases, don’t lock the business into one product or service, allowing for future change. Consider the logos of Apple, IBM, AT&T or Nike. New York’s “I Love (heart) NY” has been imitated by countless others who “Love (heart)” something else.

Logos Influence Buying Decisions

There have been countless studies done on how logos influence consumers. Corporations have spent millions studying logo colors and shapes. Customers often choose a product because they recognize the logo and buy based on their favorable opinion of the company.

A logo is too important to be cookie-cutter. While it may take time to develop your perfect logo, sometimes we create an instant winner. When you see the logo that’s just right for your business, it resonates.

We’ve created many unique logos. Our project manager and creative director work together to ensure the details of the your creative brief are reflected in your logo. Contact us about creating a logo you’ll be proud of without breaking your budget.