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Are Your Printed Materials Boosting – or Killing – Conversions?

Is your graphic artist (unknowingly) sabotaging your conversions? It happens. Graphic artists learn a lot about design principles in school, but aren’t always expert marketers. The two of you might not be even remotely on the same page. You want conversions, plain and simple.

The graphic artist wants to create “out-of-the-box” works of art. Nice, maybe, but not what you’re looking for. Or, as sometimes happen, you fall in love with the gorgeous brochure and are left wondering why it’s generating so few sales.

Print vs. the Internet

While the same basic principles apply, there are some important differences between print (a flyer, brochure, magazine ad etc.) and the internet.

Users View Print Differently

Users view a paper ad, folder or book differently than digital media. They’re holding a piece of paper, not looking at a flat screen. Occasionally, a digital magazine will be laid out identically to its print counterpart, but generally the digital experience is different. These differences can affect many factors, including layout.

Print is Tactile

Both print and digital can enhance the user experience. Print can add texture with embossing or special paper or use paper cut to a relevant shape. Digital can add interactive links, animations and videos. Both are great, just not identical.

You Want to Get Print Right the First Time

On the internet, you can tweak something until your patience or money runs out. Print, on the other hand, needs to be perfect the first time. Reprinting to fix a mistake or make a last-minute change is expensive.

A print layout must include all the necessary sales elements within the allotted space. These constraints mean that print design require expertise in layout, marketing principles, colors, fonts and image resolution. The web allows far more flexibility.

We’re marketing experts, whether you need print, digital or both. We know how to create print that sells, whether you need brochures, sell sheets, fliers, catalogs, pocket folders or print ad campaigns. How can we help you?