White Label SEO Services for Agencies & Business with BXP Creative

SEO Connects You With Your Customers

BXP Creative offers white label search engine optimization services to agencies and other businesses to help them and their clients increase organic traffic and get found online. So if you’re not sure where to begin when your client asks about your digital strategy, or if you’re an SEO pro who just wants to free up some bandwidth, we can help.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the art of being found online. Whether it’s a phone call, email (or form submission), or customers visiting a store, most businesses want to generate leads with their website. SEO connects businesses that sell products or services to the customers who are searching for those things online. Without proper SEO execution, most websites would never be seen.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Getting the traffic you need requires website audits and devising and executing a monthly ongoing strategy, followed up by testing and diligent monitoring and analysis of data. It’s part science, part art, part intuition. To complicate matters further, Google regularly alters its policies and algorithms which can result in positive or negative outcomes for a website regardless of strategy. Imagine you’re on a small boat; the tide can either bring you in to shore or pull you out to sea, but if you put a motor on your boat, you begin to control your direction: that’s what SEO aims to do.

All that is to say that good SEO takes time. We typically consider the 6 month mark to be a good time to check on progress with a new client, but this also depends significantly on things like previous strategy, rankings, budget, and competition. It’s important to keep in mind that week-to-week reports, especially in the beginning stages of an SEO plan, aren’t really going to provide much useful information. Keep the bigger picture in mind.

What’s the Process?

A good strategy always begins with research. We need to know where you stand before telling you where we’re going to go. Lucky for you, we offer free SEO audits to get you or your clients started. From here, we develop a strategy which typically includes some initial work to put your website on a solid foundation. This might include adding meta titles and descriptions, cleaning up your URL structure, adding schema.org markup, or other technical optimizations.

Once your website is technically optimized, we begin working on on-page strategy such as content and headers, and off-page strategy such as building a healthy backlink profile and directory listings. It’s the combination of these three: technical, on-page, and off-page that need to work together for SEO success.

Each month, you’ll receive a report containing the work we did for the month, analytics data, useful insights and takeaways, as well as recommendations for the future, or additional marketing opportunities based on what we’re seeing. After all, good SEO is just good marketing. And if you’re an agency, you can take advantage of our white label SEO service and add your own branding to the reports.

Is SEO Expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! As long as you’re using a quality SEO company, you should see SEO fees as an investment–one that should pay back dividends for your business. BXP Creative offers plans of all sizes, and we work with everyone from small local shops to international corporations. Request a free SEO website audit today to learn how we can help grow you, and your client’s, business.