WinTheView - BXP Creative


WinTheView is a SaaS company with a suite of tools that help job seekers get a competitive edge in the hiring process and hone their interview skills. The client approached us with an existing, outdated online platform, with the goal of rethinking and redesigning it with all-new content, optimized for the modern web, and a refreshed brand identity.

To achieve this, we started by taking a deep dive into the client’s existing platform and understanding the competitive landscape. From there, we developed concepts, imagery, and headlines for positioning to help guide the design work. The project involved the design and development of two separate websites: one public-facing, built in WordPress, to help drive traffic and promote the new platform, and a second site, custom-built in Laravel, which contained all the tools users would interact with.

The result was an incredibly complex, proprietary platform with a wide range of features, including the ability to create a customized interview presentation as a leave-behind for interviews, tools to script stories detailing a user’s professional accomplishments and record videos reading from a virtual teleprompter, and even a system to create an online career portfolio. Each tool offers unique, beautiful templates and a large library of images to choose from.